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Marisa Fearon and Jackie Fernandes, the owners of H salon
Marisa Fearon and Jackie Fernandes, the owners of H salon

November 23, 2007
Section: Local

H Salon Moves Into Town
Jim Downey

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, as the trains began their weeklong delivery of prodigal sons and daughters home to Fairfield for the holidays, Marisa Fearon and a guest drank tea and talked about hair. Along with her partner, Jackie Fernandes, Fearon has moved her long established Westport salon, now renamed, H Salon, to Fairfield, directly adjacent to the Beach Cafe at 2060 Post Road. Fearon is one of those people we all envy. She knew early on exactly what she wanted to do with her life and proceeded to do it. So, while we were all trying on careers like so many hats, Fearon was in London, England, studying with the renowned Vidal Sassoon, king of the modern, low maintenance haircut.

“My inspiration grew from close observation of the master every day followed by a slow walk down Kings Road with my head in the clouds, looking at the people, the galleries, the museums, you know, life,” she said.

Fearon and Fernandez stay current to the second with styling trends, the latest fashions, and all the must haves that seem, these days, to turn what used to be simple social occasions into “red carpet” events.

Fearon, however, calmly makes the point that she views hair design in a simple, savvy way, and her clients not as a parade of “heads,” but as individuals with “stories” and busy lives. She knows that a cut works only if it fits seamlessly into the client’s lifestyle, and that nobody, men included, has the time to fuss with a complicated arrangement just to get out the door.

Mystified by the thought of women trekking to the city only to pay $600 to get done by one of the city’s many divas, Fearon and Fernandez have made it their mission to offer the same quality, care, meticulous attention to detail and artistry one would hope to get as a result of a daylong New York City pilgrimage right here in town.

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